Tigra Calendar readme ---------------------------------------------- Thank you for downloading Tigra Calendar! We appreciate your interest and we hope that you'll enjoy working with the component. GETTING STARTED ---------------------------------------------- Tigra Calendar is a JavaScript software component, it is not intended for stand-alone use. We included several working samples demonstrating component's features and possible use scenarios, but eventually the calendar must be configured inside your own web pages. Follow the steps below to implement the calendar in your application: 1. Test the samples, make sure calendar works in all the required browsers 2. Make a copy of one of the samples and customize the calendar's configuration for your needs. Check the page after every modification. 3. Copy calendar related code from the test page into the destination page. Adjust paths if needed. DOCUMENTATION ---------------------------------------------- The documentation for the latest version of the component is available at: http://www.softcomplex.com/products/tigra_calendar/docs/ TECHNICAL SUPPORT ---------------------------------------------- For general questions please use our forum at: http://www.softcomplex.com/forum/forumdisplay_42/ For full list of the available support options visit: http://www.softcomplex.com/support.html Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified about new releases of the component: http://www.softcomplex.com/news.xml -- Thank you and good luck! Softcomplex Team