Getting in a Few Rounds – no practice though

3 Responses to “ Getting in a Few Rounds – no practice though ”

  1. I used to live in Toronto. Loved it! Now live in Scottsdale AZ. Yep…there are no ranges or courses in the city. Don’t forget to work on your fitness!!

  2. In the two month time frame since I have be using the Gripstik hand strengthener , I’ve noticed a profound difference in my club
    stablity and power through on my long balls.Right form the start excercise , my hand as without a doupt firmer and that told me that
    I was on the right track.That increased ‘core strength’ in my hands and wrist stopped the wobble when not contacting the sweat spot.
    Coming out of the rough is a much smoother and confident event now. I must admit that the suggested excerises for this wrist exerciser
    are less than enjoyable , but it is well worth the effort.

  3. Have you ever played on the indoor golf simulators? While they may not be the best training solution in general, it may work for you if you can’t get out of the city. I know there are plenty of great ranges right outside of T.O but the traffic sucks. Anyways, give it a shot you might enjoy it – sometimes the have leagues or even special training features. Good luck,


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